Watson Family



Every now and then we head out of the noise of the city to Victor and Lindsay’s amazing Karoo Farm. For us it is a little slice of heaven and we love spending time with them :) On our last visit I did a (by no means traditional) family photoshoot over the two days we were there. There is nothing quite like the excitement of a little girl with food, flowers, and animals, so we just combined them all. This is the story of a ‘little life’ on a farm…


karoo_farm_family_photos_002 karoo_farm_family_photos_003 karoo_farm_family_photos_004 karoo_farm_family_photos_005 karoo_farm_family_photos_006 karoo_farm_family_photos_007 karoo_farm_family_photos_008 karoo_farm_family_photos_009 karoo_farm_family_photos_010 karoo_farm_family_photos_011 karoo_farm_family_photos_012 karoo_farm_family_photos_013 karoo_farm_family_photos_014 karoo_farm_family_photos_015 karoo_farm_family_photos_016 karoo_farm_family_photos_017 karoo_farm_family_photos_018 karoo_farm_family_photos_019 karoo_farm_family_photos_020 karoo_farm_family_photos_021 karoo_farm_family_photos_022 karoo_farm_family_photos_023 karoo_farm_family_photos_024 karoo_farm_family_photos_025

Posted in Portraits On the 6 August 2013