Rain Forest | A Styled Shoot



This styled shoot has been brewing in my head for quite a few years now and I finally decided to take action and pull in a few top local creatives to make it happen. What a journey it was! Chanel from Covet Projects and I plotted and planned for what seemed like weeks. Yet all the planning in the world could not prevent the unscheduled rain that arrived, so this shoot is aptly named ‘Rain Forest’.

Our beautiful model Tazmin was fearless and we photographed right through the storm. She wore beautiful dresses made by the incredibly talented Kelly Esterhuyse (Elle New Talent Winner 2011) and the amazing hair and make-up artist Marike de Groot assisted us with a look that was diverse enough to change on location. Tazmin’s make-up was perfect right to the end of the shoot, even through the rain, which is a testament to Marike’s superpowers! Our cake was a decadent monument that lucky withstood the effects of gravity… a huge thanks to The Friendly Stranger for making us such a rad and unique cake!

Thanks so much to everyone who was involved – it was a truly amazing journey and we hope that this shoot provides tons of inspiration to the many brave brides out there :)


tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_002 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_003 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_004 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_005 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_006 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_007 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_008 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_009 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_010 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_011 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_012 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_013 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_014 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_015 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_016 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_017 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_018 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_019 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_020 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_021 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_022 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_023 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_024 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_025 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_026 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_027 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_028 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_029 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_030 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_031 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_032 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_033 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_034 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_035 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_036 tsitsikamma_styled_photo_shoot_golden_rain_forest_037


Our Rain Forest shoot has been featured on The Pretty Blog. Click here to view the feature :)

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  1. Matilda Marais

    Niki M!!! You my dear are so so talented!!! Stunning photos<3

  2. beautiful Niki…. i can smell that fresh Tsitsikamma air when i look through these photographs…. ♥

  3. wow! wow wow! this is stunning niki! absolutely love it, impeccable and exquisite!

  4. Linell

    This is a really amazing shoot!! where was this taken?

    • Niki

      Hi Linell! We got permits and did the shoot inside the Tsitsikamma forest in the Garden Route :) Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Nix!

  6. Chris

    Wow Amazing, love your work!

  7. Kelly Esterhuyse

    WOW NIKI!!! THIS IS INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!!! So lucky to have you as my photographer!!! You are so unbelievably talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. cecilia

    Wow niki it looks so magical, you guys are amazing !!

  9. Iris

    Absolutely stunning Niki!!! xx

  10. Davene

    amazing! I’m beyond loving this. Gosh,you are talented!

  11. taryn owen

    wow Nikki I find your work so so inspiring – thank you for setting the bar so SKY high:)

  12. Valene

    I can not stop looking at these stunning photos… you are so talented :)

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