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When I first got an email from Munaluchi Bridal Magazine asking to feature Davene and Neal’s wedding I clicked through to their site and promptly screamed “Shut the front door!” (or similar) and ran through the house trying to find my husband with tears in my eyes. You see, this is a big deal! Not only have the Munaluchi team given me a whopping five page spread, but I am so proud to say that my photographs have been featured in a magazine that contains Elizabeth Messina’s photographs, whom I have looked up to and been inspired by for years. It has been a long process but the Fall/Winter 2013 Edition is finally out and I am so excited to share these pages with everyone! Many thanks to Davene and Neal for allowing me to capture their amazing wedding in all its glory. You can see their full wedding here.


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Posted in Features On the 30 October 2013

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  1. Stephanie

    Wow Niki! SUPER proud of you & you should be super proud of yourself!! Such stunning photos! :) well done!!

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