Where do you live and will you travel?

I live in PE, South Africa, but travel the entire country and world for weddings. There is no place too small or too far! Feel free to enquire as I may just be in your area (and it is much more affordable than you think!)


What sort of photography do you offer?

I specialize in wedding and couple photography. I also do magazine and corporate work when possible. Unfortunately I no longer offer family, maternity or newborn photography.


What camera equipment do you use?

I use a Canon 5DmkIII main camera with a 5DmkII secondary camera. I only use Canon L-Series lenses and high speed, quality memory cards from Lexar (including a backup card in my camera for peace of mind).


How are your collections structured?

Collections are based on the number of hours worth of coverage you’d like for your wedding day. Coverage starts at 8 hours and this usually allows enough time to cover formalities, with the larger collections including a bit of partying too. I don’t include cheap albums or prints in packages to bulk the offering, but rather focus on delivering a quality experience with amazing service. If you would like to view my brochure, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form.


Do you work with a second photographer?

I am a solo photographer and work by myself at most weddings. I do not have an assistant or second photographer with me on the day, and can manage almost all coverage by myself as long as you have selected hourly coverage to match your needs on the day.


How do we know how much coverage we need?

An average wedding of 80-120 guests needs about 9 hours of photography to get us through to the end of formalities. When you enquire we can chat about timing on the day. I normally work back from the sunset time on your wedding day.


Why sunset?

The best time for your photography session is an hour before sunset. We’ll have the best light and won’t keep your guests waiting for too long.


Speaking of, how long will we need for photos?

I work quickly on the wedding day because I know guests get grumpy if they have to hang around for too long before the reception kicks off. Post ceremony, we’ll need 15 minutes for family photos, 20-25 minutes for a medium sized entourage (3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen), and around 45 minutes for your couple session. That’s it!


Can we book more hours on the night?

If things run late and you’re worried about coverage ending early, you are more than welcome to book more time on the evening.


Well, we’re eloping and just need basic photographic coverage. Can you assist?

Absolutely! Please get in touch and I’ll put together a custom quote for you.


How far in advance do we have to book?

I accept bookings around 10 months in advance, and slightly longer for peak season bookings. At present, I only accept up to 3 weddings per month.


We’d love to book you to photograph our wedding, what do we do?

Once you have selected a collection that provides the coverage you need, a 50% booking fee and signed contract will secure your wedding booking. I am unfortunately not able to pencil in bookings, but the date will be blocked off for 10 working days whilst you finalise your booking.


Do you need to do a site visit before the wedding day if our wedding is out of town?

If the wedding is out of town, I will arrive the afternoon before in order to check the venue out and scout out amazing spots for your photo session.


How long will you take to edit our photos?

After the wedding, a preview album will be posted on my Facebook page so that you have amazing photos of your wedding day. Thereafter, the bulk of photographs will be edited within 8-12 weeks. An online album of your edited photos will be posted immediately so that you can access, browse and download low res versions of your images from anywhere in the world. Your USB will then be delivered directly to you at no extra charge if you reside in SA.


What format do my photos come in?

Your USB will include high res edited photos, as well as a folder of resized images for Facebook so that it is super easy to upload quality images.


Can we get the RAW files?

I take great care with your photographs and edit them one by one, ensuring they are absolutely perfect. Unfortunately the RAW files are not released, but your final JPEG images are high resolution and are sized at approximately 40cm on the long edge (to give you an idea of the high quality).


Can we send you photos we’ve seen and want for our wedding day?

You are more than welcome to send through photos that you love, which I will use for inspiration. Unfortunately I will not be able to replicate photos you have found online.


Can you make me skinny?

My collections all include very subtle skin smoothing techniques on your portrait photographs, but I do not do any extensive ‘photoshopping’ to change your appearance.


We’d like to interview you or book you to you to speak at an event, what do we do?

I’d be really honoured! Please get in touch via my contact form and we can chat all about it.