Persi and Fran’s Corfu Pre-Wedding Shoot

It was such an amaaaaazing privilege to be able to head over to the Greek Island of Corfu for Persi and Fran’s wedding! In between the wedding chaos we found time to squeeze in a little pre-wedding shoot in and around Corfu Old Town. The island is dripping with character and beautiful views, so much so that we had a really hard time even deciding where to do the shoot. In the end we knew that we had to focus on the character and charm of the town so we started out near Persi and Fran’s hotel, and then ended off the shoot in the centre of Old Town, overlooking the Old Fort. These really are some of my favourite night images and I am so glad we scheduled the shoot so that we could get some evening shots too!


I loved every second of this shoot and the energy that Persi and Fran brought. We had an absolute blast :) Enjoy the pics!


Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_001 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_002 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_003 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_004 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_005 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_007 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_006 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_009 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_010 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_011 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_012 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_013 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_014 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_015 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_016 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_017 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_018 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_019 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_033 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_020 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_021 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_022 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_023 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_024 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_025 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_026 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_027 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_028 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_029 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_030 Corfu_Greek_Islands_Engagement_Shoot_031

Posted in Couples On the 14 November 2014