Nicki and Wade’s E-Shoot



Nicki and Wade got engaged in Hogsback and whilst chatting about locations for their winter engagement shoot, Nicki suggested that we drive up to Hogsback high up in the Amathole Mountains so we could do the shoot at the very spot that they got engaged. It really did not take very long before she got the very excited ‘YES!’ email, and that was where it all began :)

We awoke at the crack of dawn and rushed to the window to check for snow which was forecast for the weekend. It was a negative on the snow front, but we headed out to ‘The Edge‘ for their photos anyway. I wish I could explain how cold it was standing on the edge of the mountain. It was a new kind of cold… so cold that my nostrils burned every time I breathed in. A tooth-ache inducing cold. But it was so worth it!

Hogsback is undeniably cool and quirky. It hides things you would not expect to see, and won’t unless you do a bit of exploring. It is the place that inspired most, if not all of JRR Tolkien’s novels and I can’t help but feel like a hobbit is going to jump out in front of me when exploring the forests. It’s super hippy and it has a labyrinth… it’s a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives :)


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Posted in Couples On the 1 August 2013