Megan and Stephen’s E-Shoot



The yellow flowers popped up and Megan and Stephen visited PE at the perfect time :) What an amazing, colourful engagement shoot! Megan and Stephen are so cute and full of life so this setting fitted them perfectly. We explored the area and found a huge tree and abandoned building slab. I just love spending time with such wonderful people, getting to know them and their story – Meg and Steve are no exception! Enjoy the photos – I hope they bring some colour and happiness to your day :)


spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_002 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_003 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_004 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_005 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_006 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_007 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_008 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_009 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_010 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_011 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_012 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_013 spring_flower_engagement_shoot_south_africa_014

Posted in Couples On the 8 August 2013