Matilda and Mark’s E-Shoot



Matilda and Mark decided to have their engagement shoot on Matilda’s family property just outside Kirkwood. Her father started and ran the Daniell Cheetah Breeding Project and the camp has means the world to Matilda. Ola the cheetah also had a part in our shoot and she scared the living beejees out of me when she jumped off of her perch and ran right past me to chase a reflection on the wall (made by my reflector… oops). But we all survived and she really is such a sweet animal. Not one I’d like on my bed, but sweet nonetheless hahaha :)

We had a crazy awesome time on the shoot and I cant help but smile knowing that these photos mean so much to Matilda and Mark :) Thanks for the adventure guys xxx


kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_003 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_004 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_005 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_006 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_007 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_008 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_009 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_010 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_011 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_012 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_013 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_014 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_015 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_016 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_017 kirkwood_daniell_cheetah_farm_engagement_shoot_018

Posted in Couples On the 13 August 2013