Kelly and Tyrone’s Garden Route Photo Session

OK, so I guess this is the best kind of prelude to the amazing elopement that EVERYONE is waiting to see!

The evening before Kelly and Tyrone eloped in the Tsitsikamma forest, we met up at Emily Moon and spent some time exploring the beautiful property during their pre-elopement couple shoot. Kelly shouted out ‘let’s go in the canoe!’ before I even had a chance to gently break the news that they might be getting wet during the shoot haha! It was pretty smooth sailing until Tyrone tried to swap sides and nearly capsized the canoe… cue frantic scream-laughing. But they made it out in one piece and Kelly was able to dry off her skirt in time for their family dinner later that evening.

It’s amazing how big things like a near canoe capsize are still outweighed by all the small moments during the shoot. Bare feet on river sand, the soft rustling of the reeds, Kelly’s hair dancing in the wind as she laughed at Tyrone, the soft light reflecting on the water as they glided down the gently flowing river. Those are the moments we hold in our hearts – I hope you can look at these photos and feel those things too! One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that I am incredibly lucky to be able to work as a photographer in the Garden Route region – it really is one of the most beautiful places in South Africa!!!

I loved every minute of our adventure with these two… the kindest and gentlest souls who wanted nothing more than to vow to be together for a lifetime, without all the hype of a traditional wedding. Stay tuned for their forest elopement up soon :)


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Posted in Couples On the 4 December 2015

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  1. Merril

    What awesome photo’s. The love & happiness shines through on the photo’s.

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