Kelly and Lloyd’s Forest E-Shoot

Kelly, Lloyd and I headed deep into the Tsitsikamma forest for their beautiful engagement shoot. The couple brought along the cutest vintage bicycle (big thanks to the Ferreira family!) and we spent the afternoon riding around and exploring the forests. What a gorgeous shoot this was! We ended up in the same spot from the Rain Forest Styled Shoot, which brought back so many beautiful memories :) Thank goodness the rain stayed away this time though!


I am so incredibly happy that Kelly and Lloyd won my 2013 ‘Win your Wedding Photography’ competition… we chatted and laughed for hours and they really are the most down to earth couple. I am totally excited to document their wedding in March! We took a bunch of polaroids with my spiffy Polaroid Land Camera too, and Kelly ended up with a halo in one of the photos. Lloyd reckons it is because she is an angel – which is pretty darn cute if you ask me :)


Enjoy the photos everyone!


Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_001 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_002 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_003 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_004 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_005 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_006 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_007 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_008 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_009 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_010 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_011 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_012 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_013 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_014   Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_017 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_016 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_016 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_018 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_015 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_019 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_020 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_021 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_023 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_022 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_023 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_024 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_025 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_026 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_027 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_028 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_029 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_030 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_031    Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_033 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_034 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_035 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_036 Tsitsikamma_Forest_Engagement_Shoot_037

Posted in Couples On the 14 February 2014

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  1. I am in love with this shoot – beautiful couple, beautiful location, beautiful photographs

  2. davene

    Oh my word Nikki, these images are amazing. So captivating. I swear, that forest is magical! You are just so good!

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