Kelly and Darryn’s E-Shoot



OK, instead of kicking off with the narrative about how amazing and beautiful and lighthearted this couple is, I have to tell you all something… Darryn is quite possibly *the* funniest person I have ever met. Kelly and I did not stop laughing from the minute we all met down at the PE beachfront for their colourful urban engagement shoot. 99% of the time I have to tell the jokes to get my clients to laugh. This time I had to focus on holding my camera because all I wanted to do was sit down and laugh and laugh. My stomach muscles were not made for that amount of work. I still remember asking Kelly how she copes with Darryn and his craziness. She said that its awesome because she gets to laugh and have fun every day. That day I came to the conclusion that we are all far too serious. If we joked and laughed as much as these two do then the world would be a better place. Mine certainly is for knowing them! :)


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    Stunning photos!!!!!!! <3

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