Kay and Marcel’s E-Shoot



PE happens to be blessed with a few wonderful things that push the windy days to the back of our minds. Beautiful landscapes, gorgeous sandy beaches, berg winds (yeah we love berg winds!), and wonderfully warm and outgoing people. Marcel and I had been chatting about their engagement shoot even before he proposed, which was so awesome. He told me all about his soon-to-be fiancé and all I can say is that even his amazing words did her shining personality little justice. She is just the sweetest and has this glow about her… they suit each other to a T!

We headed down to Sardinia Bay beach for their engagement shoot and had a blast! As the sun dipped, the sky lit up with stunning colours and a strange mist settled over the beach. It was one of those magical evenings and I am pretty lucky to have spent it with this beaming couple :)




sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_003 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_004 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_005 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_006 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_007 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_008 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_009    sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_011 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_012 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_013 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_014 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_015 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_016 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_017 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_018 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_019 sardinia_bay_beach_PE_engagement_shoot_020

Posted in Couples On the 10 August 2013